Play medieval!

Juliette Bourdier, Medievalist

Fief is a game of dynastic ambition, where players assume the roles of nobles in the 14th century Kingdom of France.


Academy Games, which specializes in history-related board games, is making an English-language version of a popular French game in which players assume the roles of nobles in the 15th century Kingdom of France. They can gain power through secular and ecclesiastical politics, and be able to become the power-behind-the-throne for the King or Pope.

Fiefs have different colored backgrounds and Bishoprics have heavy bordered outlines that include several different Fiefs.

The game fun can range from getting good harvests to raise the church tithe, or being hit by the plague or having a peasant uprising!

The game-makers have easily surpassed their goal of $20,000 and are using the extra money raised to make additional improvements to the game. Those who pledge certain amounts will recieve an advance copy of the game, which is due to be ready by June 2014. You can get more details…

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