Serments de Strazbourg (842)

Juliette Bourdier, Medievalist


The  Serment de Strasbourg is an oath sworn by Charles le Chauve – Charles the Bald (later Holy Roman Emperor Charles II) andÄhnlicher Begriff: Louis II de Germania in solemnizing their alliance against their brother, Emperor Lothair I. The chief political result of this alliance was the Treaty of Verdun (843). Each brother made his oath in the language of the other’s followers, so that it might be understood. The version used by Louis is often considered the oldest known specimen of French.The text was preserved in the manuscript of the Frankish historian Nithard (fl. 9th century).The Serments is the earliest known document written in the emerging vernacular.

Le mot tudesque vient de l’adjectif germanique tiudesc, qui signifie «populaire». Cette racine se retrouve aussi dans le mot tiudesc-Land qui signifie le «pays du peuple». Au fil du temps, il se transformera en Deutschland, nom…

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